Data mining of German sensitive information from files – GDPR Compliance

On our auto-tagging rules page, we have just released a set of rules to tag sensitive German information. Now Confidential can find:

  • German  Zip Code (Postleitzahl – PLZ), matches the numeric part
  • German personal tax number (Steuernummer)
  • German health insurance number (Versicherungsnummer)
  • German army ID number (Personenkennziffer)
  •  German VAT Number
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Detect sensitive information in files: GDPR compliance for unstructured data

Data mine your drives for sensitive data

In Confidential 1.2.31 we combined the search based on regular expressions, with the search in file content that we introduced in Confidential 1.2. So basically you can now tell Confidential to “scrape my disks and auto-tag everything that looks like credit number, an email address, invoice number, a name from a list or anything that can be describe by a regular

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