Confidential User Manual

We’re working on delivering a User Manual to you, it will be available shortly. Until then:

  • Simply right click on files/folders to assign them a Confidentiality level

  • If you are using Confidential Corporate, and have other users on the same database, the Confidentiality levels will be automatically shared with them

For everything else, please use the user manual of Tabbles as reference.

Single PC

Download the .exe installer: to use Confidential on your PC or the .msi installer to deploy in a Windows network using Group Policies.


Windows Network (.msi)

Download the .msi installer: to deploy and configure Confidential on on a Windows Network using the Group Policies of Active Directory



All the packages listed below are installed automatically by the .exe installer, so you only need to worry about those if you are a sysadmin and you are using .msi installer

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