Confidential Changelog

(Available only in English)

Confidential 1.9.3 (Requires database upgrade)

Major bug fixed: Explorer overlay icons was no longer showing
Major bug fixed: Confidential was no longer transferring tags when moving or renaming files
Minor bug fixed: Confidential wasn’t showing any file if you subtract the “is a folder” special tag (with the minus sign) and the “search in file content” feature was active

Confidential 1.9.2 (Requires database upgrade)

Language: Chinese simplified updated
Language: Dutch updated
Added support for the Web Version (now in private Beta, write us!)

Confidential 1.7.1 (Requires database upgrade)

Support of “file stream” for teams: we added support for “Google file stream” and similar technologies, so basically it works any software that mounts a cloud drive locally, without synchronizing the files (there are many solutions that do that (Expandrive, Mountain Duck, odrive…). You can now tell Confidential that “G:\” is a shared drive, and tag files on it along with your team.

Confidential 1.6.0 (Requires database upgrade)

New Major feature: auto-tagging ruled based on dates. You can now create an auto-tagging rule triggered by the creation date of a file, for example a file created between January and March (of any year), a file created in 2017, a file created between the 1st and 15th of December, etc.
Fixed bug causing the GUI to hang when loading the preview of large PDF files.

Confidential 1.5.1

Added Alt+H global shortcut, it opens the “Auto-tagging history” window
Fixed bug with the Chrome Extension and the Bookmarklet that caused bookmark title to get overwritten (thanks Chaim!)
Added Greek language
Improved Japanese translation

Confidential 1.5.0

Important improvement: the software now recognizes network drives connecting in real-time.

Confidential 1.4.7

Changed the resolution of preview of graphic files and PDF from height = 550px to height = 1000px. In order to see your existing thumbnail in higher resolution, you must delete the old ones, from the folder %appdata%\Confidential\Th

Changed the default value of View > File view > Group folders before files to “true”. This will effect only new users, as you are an existing user, we recommend you change the setting manually

Confidential 1.4.6 (requires database upgrade)

Fixed major issue, relevant for teams: when using tag-sharing on network drives, file already tagged (with different tags) sometimes a non-superuser is not able to tag. Fixed with a re-written tagging stored procedure.

Confidential 1.4.5

Major improvement: you can now copy and paste text in the comment box on the right side of the software window (Yeah!)
Added link to user manual in the login window

Confidential 1.4.4

Fixed bug on Auto-tagging rules: you can now use complex rules for keywords (“Word1, Word2”) and Regular expressions with complex lists
Fixed bug on license: time-licenses cause Tabbles to crash on expiration
Fixed when you open a folder in tabbles and type something in the search box, and you disabled “search in file content”
Added feature: you can see what file is being tagged while the auto-tagging rules are working.

Confidential 1.4.3 (includes database upgrade)

New Feature: change machine name
If you get a new computer and move all your tagging, or simply change the machine name,
you can now use File > Tabbles Database > Database Edit Wizard > Change machine name
to update your database

Confidential 1.4.2

Changed behaviour of single click for tags that have children: click how shows the children instead of opening (or combining) the tag. This was done to alleviate SQL timeouts as opening a tag with many children can be very calculation-intensive.

Confidential 1.4.1

Now only “superusers” will see the version notifications
Added pop-up for intro wizard
Improved Activation messages
Improved web service registration messages

Confidential 1.4.0

New feature: create tags in batch
You can now create tags writing (or pasting) text in a textbox.
You can open the feature from Tools > Create tags in batch

New feature: Intro tutorial
Go to Help > Intro tutorial to see videos and info of important features.

MAJOR FIX: finally (!!!) fixed the default browser detection.
You can now open your bookmarks in the right browser in Confidential

Confidential 1.3.2

Fixed chaotic pop-ups and refresh with automatic creations tag
Fixed minor bugs with German translation
Reintroduced help files in the installer

Confidential 1.3.1

Major new feature: automatic creations of tags and rules based on folders
Using this feature you can select a group of folder, one tag per folder will be created and all the content of each folder will be tag with each correspondent tag. You can optionally also create auto-tagging rules on those folders.
This saves you from the burden of having to create tags manually, for your existing folder structure.

Added “Apply auto-tagging rules” menu entry on the list of disks and folders in the left tree of the software.

The alt+s window can now be fully localized (translation will be added soon).

Added “Revert to free button” on the self-activation window.

Removed default auto-tagging rules that triggered one-click tagging pop-ups.

Fixed a number of bugs.

Confidential 1.2.34

New feature: preview to PDF files.
You can now have a preview of the first 10 pages of a pdf, and have a thumbnail of it with the first page.

New feature: OverlayHandler’s network cache
If you have an installation with more than 10 user on the same database, using this feature you may experience a visible improvement in performances (and less stress on your database server).

Updated Japanese translation.

Various bug fixes.

Confidential 1.2.31

MAJOR NEW FEATURE: search inside files using regular expression.
You can use regex to search in the file content, using auto-tagging rules. This allows you to data-mine your drives for credit card numbers, email addresses, names from a list…

Improved the export and import of auto-tagging rules

Auto-tagging rules window is now resizeable

Other major optimizations and bugfixes.

Improvements in the installer.

New French translation.

Fixed bug in Confidential Local. If you were having an error when pressing “go”, please try again now.

Confidential 1.1.0

Major new feature: implemented auto-tagging rules that search for text inside the files. It can scan .docx, .pdf, .mp3, .epub, .txt, and a lot more.

Major optimization: when you rename or move a folder that contains many tagged files, you were likely to get a timeout. This is now fixed.

New feature: you can now create an auto-tagging rule that matches two or more file types. For example if you write “.docx , .doc”, the rule matches any .docx OR .doc.

Fixed minor bug: auto-tagging rules were applied to files created by Windows in C:\Windows, resulting in a slowdown, especially when Windows was auto-updating.

User management: you can now prevent users to move shared tags, via the users control center.

Added two new buttons on the toolbar to highlight important features.

Other major optimizations and bugfixes.

Improvements in the installer.

New French translation.

Fixed bug in Confidential Local. If you were having an error when pressing “go”, please try again now.

Confidential 1.0.10

Major optimization which removes most sql timeout problems

Fifth “grey” Overlay introduced

Confidential now has a .NET API to develop plugins.

You can now untag via the explorer context menu

Confidential 1.0

Initial release