Open bookmarks in Chrome

Open Bookmarks in Chrome

Our Windows 10 users reported they open a bookmark in Confidential, the bookmark is opened in Internet Explorer (or Firefox) even if the default browser is Chrome.

We investigated the matter and we realized that in Windows 10 the setting for default browser is managed differently then in Windows 8 and previous. We’ll implement the changes soon. Until

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Data mining of German sensitive information from files – GDPR Compliance

On our auto-tagging rules page, we have just released a set of rules to tag sensitive German information. Now Confidential can find:

  • German  Zip Code (Postleitzahl – PLZ), matches the numeric part
  • German personal tax number (Steuernummer)
  • German health insurance number (Versicherungsnummer)
  • German army ID number (Personenkennziffer)
  •  German VAT Number
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Detect sensitive information in files: GDPR compliance for unstructured data

Data mine your drives for sensitive data

In Confidential 1.2.31 we combined the search based on regular expressions, with the search in file content that we introduced in Confidential 1.2. So basically you can now tell Confidential to “scrape my disks and auto-tag everything that looks like credit number, an email address, invoice number, a name from a list or anything that can be describe by a regular

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Desktop search: revamping Confidential search feature and introducing the Unified Search (global shortcut Alt+S)

Unified desktop search: one more feature that will make many people happy 🙂

Based on feedback from many of you, we’ve revamped our search feature. Search now allows you to search files based on:
– File name and folder
– File content (using Windows Search indexing)
Tagging of files
Comments written on files

Note that that we’re not yet indexing file tagging and comments written on files, so if you include that in the

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Auto-tag files based on content

We’re working on some cool new features, the first feature we’re releasing is an extension of the auto-tagging rules that will allow you to search “inside” a file ( search the content of a file or document) and tag the file automatically based on what’s inside it.

In the first release it will work only for files .docx, .xlsx and for generic files – “generic” means that the files will be

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First review: 4,5 stars on Softpedia

Yesterday I pulled myself together, created PAD files for Confidential (here, here and here) and spent some 30 minutes submitting to some 20 sites. The way I did it was googling pad submission sites list, picked a couple lists with updated links and submitted to the top 10 sites on the list. This morning we were notified by Softpedia that our review was out:


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