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Confidential Download the .exe installer for single user or the .msi installer for network deployment. The .msi installer contains instruction for setup in Active Directory using Group Policies .

Single PC (.exe)

Download the .exe installer: to use Confidential on your PC. If you are an IT admin and want to deploy Confidential in a Windows network using Group Policies, look for the .msi installer below.


Windows Network (.msi)

Download the .msi installer: to deploy and configure Confidential on on a Windows Network using the Group Policies of Active Directory.



All the packages below are installed automatically by the .exe installer


What about privacy? What data are stored in the Confidential database?2017-10-09T16:26:57+02:00

The Confidential database stores only:

  • Paths and name of the files that have been tagged
  • Local paths of tagged emails (can only be opened by the local installation of Outlook) and email subjects
  • Tagged bookmarks (link and bookmark name)
  • Names of the tags
  • User names (or emails), machine names
  • Confidential’s login password (hashed)

Confidential does not store:

  • The files’ content: no file (nor even a chunk) is stored in the database, no document author, no meta-data
  • The emails’ content, sender, receiver, metadata
  • Passwords of all sort (with the exclusion of the password needed to login in Confidential)
  • History, logs, searches
What support do you offer?2017-10-09T16:23:47+02:00

Our standard support packages include:

  • 24h (Monday to Friday) response time via email
  • 2 hours of support via Skype/phone

For Corporate customers we offer:

  • Support to setup and configure the database (typically 30 mins, done via Skype or web-conference)
  • Setup of database in Azure, and help with configuration (same as above)
What’s your Saas policy?2017-10-09T16:24:47+02:00

We offer yearly subscription that include all upgrades and support (for 1 year, unless agreed differently).

Will you help us with installation?2017-10-09T16:25:07+02:00

We’re happy to assist you with installation, for LAN setup, just shoot us an email to sales@confidential.tech 🙂

We are also able help with setting up a database in Microsoft Azure.

What are the requirements for Confidential to run?2017-10-09T16:25:34+02:00

Confidential is built on .net technology and uses a Microsoft SQL Server to store data.

  • Confidential Runs on Windows 7, 8, 10 as well as Windows Server 2008, 2012 and 2016
  • It requires the .net framework, version 4.5.1 (preinstalled by the installer)
  • “LAN” mode requires a Microsoft SQL Server (2008 or later), the “Express” version works fine up to 100 clients
  • “Local” mode requires Microsoft SQL LocalDB (preinstalled by the installer)
  • The Outlook plugins require VSTO 2010 (preinstalled by the installer)

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