Recursively tag a folder and create and auto-tagging rule in 7 clicks

Dear tagging aficionados,

One of the first issues we faced when developing Confidential was how can we quickly tag data, based on the user’s existing folder structure?

The auto-tagging rules were the result of this quest. But to our surprise, we have recently discovered that the (let’s make up a funky name) auto-tagging folder wizard is mostly unknown to our beloved user based: it enables the user to tag a folder’s content recursively

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Collaborative comments: add comments to files in a collaborative and chat-like fashion

In the last buil, 1.1.7 from a couple days ago, we’ve released a feature that we couldn’t wait to share with you as we’ve been asked for it since day one: the possibility to add comments to files (or folders).

And not this allows you to write and edit a single comment per file: you can actually write and edit multiple comments on each file – each comment will shows when

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