What about privacy? What data are stored in the Confidential database?

The Confidential database stores only:

  • Paths and name of the files that have been tagged
  • Local paths of tagged emails (can only be opened by the local installation of Outlook) and email subjects
  • Tagged bookmarks (link and bookmark name)
  • Names of the tags
  • User names (or emails), machine names
  • Confidential’s login password (hashed)

Confidential does not store:

  • The files’ content: no file (nor even a chunk) is stored in the database,
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What support do you offer?

Our standard support packages include:

  • 24h (Monday to Friday) response time via email
  • 2 hours of support via Skype/phone

For Corporate customers we offer:

  • Support to setup and configure the database (typically 30 mins, done via Skype or web-conference)
  • Setup of database in Azure, and help with configuration (same as above)
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What are the requirements for Confidential to run?

Confidential is built on .net technology and uses a Microsoft SQL Server to store data.

  • Confidential Runs on Windows 7, 8, 10 as well as Windows Server 2008, 2012 and 2016
  • It requires the .net framework, version 4.5.1 (preinstalled by the installer)
  • “LAN” mode requires a Microsoft SQL Server (2008 or later), the “Express” version works fine up to 100 clients
  • “Local” mode requires Microsoft SQL
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