Automatic creations of tags and auto-tagging based on folder structure

Automatic creations of tags and rules based on folders

Major new feature in Confidential 1.3.1: using this feature you can select a group of folder, one tag per folder will be created and all the content of each folder will be tag with each correspondent tag. This saves you from the burden of having to create tags manually, for your existing folder structure.

You can optionally also create auto-tagging rules on those

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Recursively tag a folder and create and auto-tagging rule in 7 clicks

Dear tagging aficionados,

One of the first issues we faced when developing Confidential was how can we quickly tag data, based on the user’s existing folder structure?

The auto-tagging rules were the result of this quest. But to our surprise, we have recently discovered that the (let’s make up a funky name) auto-tagging folder wizard is mostly unknown to our beloved user based: it enables the user to tag a folder’s content recursively

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