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Confidential Changelog

(Available only in English)

Confidential 1.1.0

Major new feature: implemented auto-tagging rules that search for text inside the files. It can scan .docx, .pdf, .mp3, .epub, .txt, and a lot more.

Major optimization: when you rename or move a folder that contains many tagged files, you were likely to get a timeout. This is now fixed.

New feature: you can now create an auto-tagging rule that matches two or more file types. For example if you write “.docx , .doc”, the rule matches any .docx OR .doc.

Fixed minor bug: auto-tagging rules were applied to files created by Windows in C:\Windows, resulting in a slowdown, especially when Windows was auto-updating.

User management: you can now prevent users to move shared tags, via the users control center.

Added two new buttons on the toolbar to highlight important features.

Other major optimizations and bugfixes.

Improvements in the installer.

New French translation.

Fixed bug in Confidential Local. If you were having an error when pressing “go”, please try again now.

Confidential 1.0.10

Major optimization which removes most sql timeout problems

Fifth “grey” Overlay introduced

Confidential now has a .NET API to develop plugins.

You can now untag via the explorer context menu

Confidential 1.0

Initial release

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