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Auto-tag files based on content

We’re working on some cool new features, the first feature we’re releasing is an extension of the auto-tagging rules that will allow you to search “inside” a file ( search the content of a file or document) and tag the file automatically based on what’s inside it.

In the first release it will work only for files .docx, .xlsx and for generic files – “generic” means that the files will be

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First review: 4,5 stars on Softpedia

Yesterday I pulled myself together, created PAD files for Confidential (here, here and here) and spent some 30 minutes submitting to some 20 sites. The way I did it was googling pad submission sites list, picked a couple lists with updated links and submitted to the top 10 sites on the list. This morning we were notified by Softpedia that our review was out: http://www.softpedia.com/get/Security/Security-Related/Confidential.shtml


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